Who are we

Happy parents of a happy pair of twins, we quickly looked for a practical, reliable means of transport that could be used in almost all situations. Very logically, we turned to cycling. After many tests, our choice fell on a compact “long tail” electric cargo bike. After several months of intensive use, it became clear to us that this type of bike was the best choice for anyone looking to replace their second car.

Crossing all the tracks around La Rochelle and the Ile de Ré, the observation was the same every day: this type of bike provides real pleasure, and does not leave the public indifferent. Little by little, the idea of offering these bikes for hire came to us, as its use made our lives easier.

So we set out to find the perfect bike. Our search criteria were ultimately quite simple: allow quick handling in complete safety, and transport two children or one adult in addition to the driver. Again, after multiple trials, we immediately fell in love with the Kiffy Capsule cargo bikes. Light, handy, compact, the grip is immediate, and the total pleasure for the drivers as well as for the passengers.

The icing on the cake, these bikes are manufactured and assembled in France, and available quickly. A few days later, Le vélo van company was born, and it was the start of a new adventure for us!

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