Rent a bike at the Ile de Ré bridge

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Renting an electric Le vélo van bike at the Ile de Ré bridge, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the island and save the toll of the bridge and avoid traffic jams. And thanks to your electric Le vélo van bikes, you can ride all around Ré island effortlessly.

With its 140 kilometers of cycle paths, the Ile de Ré is the ideal place to enjoy a secure sea ride. Cross the salt marshes, observe protected species, taste a dozen oysters facing the sea. Stop for a swim on the south coast beaches. Then, stroll through the Saint Martin or La Flotte cobbled streets. Climb to the church tower or to the top of the whale lighthouse for stunning views.

On Le vélo van electric bike, you choose the effort you want to provide. You can choose one of four modes: economy, touring, sport or turbo. No matter where you are, you can effortlessly return to where you started. This can be particularly comforting when you know that the wind can blow very hard on cycle paths.

Take advantage of the Ile de Ré cycle paths starting from the bridge.

Thanks to your Le vélo van bikes, you can ride a complete tour of the Ile de Ré. From the bridge, bike along the north coast and visit La Flotte historical medieval market. Then stop to stroll on Saint Martin port and magnificent alleys, and take the opportunity to eat a delicious and famous Martinière ice cream. Then ride on the seafront towards La Couarde. Taste a few oysters as you ride by oyster farmer’s huts. For a unique heart of the marshes experience, stop eat the Cabane du Saulnier excellent oysters in this timeless surrounding. Continue riding through the marshes towards Ars-en-Ré, and continue through the island wilder areas before arriving at Portes en Ré. Then ride along the island north coast and its magnificent La Conche des Baleines beach. And thanks to the electric assistance of your Le vélo van bikes, you will arrive fresh as a roach. You will therefore be able to climb the 257 steps of the Baleines lighthouse to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the island. On the ride back, stop at one of the countless south coast beaches and enjoy the beaches as far as the eye can see.

Avoid traffic jams when crossing the bridge

Jewels of the Atlantic islands, the Ile de Ré is unfortunately victim of its own success. At the slightest ray of sunshine, a horde of cars rushes on the bridge in order to enjoy a few hours of its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, to stroll in the alleys or on the sunny terraces. Identical situation at the end of the day or on weekend, when returning to La Rochelle: crossing the bridge has unfortunately endless traffic jams. Leaving your car on the mainland, and renting a Le vélo van bike before the bridge, you no longer have to worry about your return time. With biking, no traffic jams. And with le vélo van bike, you choose your return time, and we can arrange a late return at no extra cost. Enjoy the Ile de Ré, simply, at your own pace.

Cross the bridge by bike with your family, friends and suitcases

Whether you are a couple for a day, or a family for a stay, rent your le vélo van bikes at the bridge and carry on whatever you want up to l’île de Ré. Indeed, we offer different configurations according to your needs. If you want to carry on two children under the age of 5, take the double minivan, on which two baby seats are installed in tandem behind the driver. If you have two children, big and small, opt for the mini maxi van, which secures your child under 5 years old, and offers great freedom of movement for the older one. With two grown-up children, blast guaranteed on the bench seat of your double maxi van. Finally, for a romantic ride, opt for the taxi van. And if you can’t travel light, get your cargo van, specially designed for equipment transport with its two front and rear boxes.

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