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Choose the cargo bike rental specialist in La Flotte

If you have booked your accommodation at La Flotte for your next vacation, all you have to do is rent your bike. Rather than renting an ordinary bike, why not choose a bike specially designed to replace your car during the holidays?

1. Why rent a cargo bike?

At La Flotte, as on the whole of the Ile de Ré, renting a cargo bike can quite simply change your holiday. We explain why.

In the collective mind, the cargo bike is a bike with a box in front, intriguing, but which one can be reluctant to rent for fear of being disappointed. However, there is another type of cargo bike, the extended cargo bike (or long tail), and it is precisely the one you should rent: fun, smiles and happiness guaranteed for you and your children!

First of all, here is a brief overview of the different types of cargo bikes that you can rent at La Flotte.

First, bi-carrier cargo bikes: a bi-carrier is a cargo bike that has two wheels, the payload of which is located at the front of the bike (in front of the driver). The handlebar is thus separated from the wheel, which can be quite confusing. The box located at the front can then accommodate equipment for going to the beach, bags for shopping (for example when returning from the magnificent medieval market of La Flotte) or benches for children.

On this type of cargo bike, the number of children is often limited to two, and they sit relatively low in order to lower the center of gravity and ensure good stability of the bike. They are usually quite long. Be aware that if you rent this type of cargo bike, it will be quite difficult for you to park them in the town center of La Flotte, because the bike parks are very busy in high season and their size makes them difficult to maneuver. Because of their weight and size, these bikes are more reserved for regular cyclists. Because of all these drawbacks, it will be quite difficult for you to rent this type of cargo bike at La Flotte.

Second type of cargo bike available for hire at La Flotte: scooters. As with twin-cargo cargo, the load is in front of the cyclist. Important difference however, these freighters have three wheels. They are much more stable. As a result, they are generally equipped with benches allowing children to be seated. Depending on the size and age of the children, it is possible to ride 3 or 4 in front.

If these cargo bikes are relatively easy to handle, they are however much heavier. Leaving from La Flotte, do not expect to reach the beaches of the north of the Ile de Ré. You get tired of driving it quite quickly, and the pleasure of the ride is quickly faded. These cargo bikes are often compared to a wheelbarrow: Convenient for carrying a lot of equipment and children, but slow and uncomfortable. If you want to rent a cargo bike in La Flotte, this type of bike is relatively common, so you should find these bikes at most rental companies.

Finally, the cargo bike that is currently on the rise: the extended cargo bike (or long tail). Choice opposed to the two freighters above: The load is put behind the cyclist. And if you choose a compact cargo bike, I won’t even notice the difference with a standard bike!

Book a cargo bike quickly: cargo bike rental at La Flotte

2. Rent an extended cargo bike

The main advantage of an extended cargo bike is that, apart from the fact that you can carry two children or an adult behind you, you will simply forget that you are on a cargo bike!

Let’s be clear: you have rented accommodation in La Flotte, one of the most typical villages of the Ile de Ré, and it is an excellent choice: The village is magnificent, its port pleasant, its small market delicious. You are not going to stop there! On the Ile de Ré, each village is worth the detour, and each corner of nature deserves to be discovered.

On my cargo bike to La Flotte
On my cargo bike to La Flotte

By renting an extended cargo bike, you can simply forget about your car during your entire stay. This type of bike is perfectly suited for rental. Indeed, due to their concept, they are extremely simple to handle. Our entire bike fleet is made up of compact electric cargo bikes. Their extremely low center of gravity ensures perfect stability. Their top-of-the-range electric assistance allows you to forget about the weight of your load on the luggage rack.

More simply, with a long tail cargo bike, you are like on a standard bike, riding position like a Dutch bike. Your children can move behind you in complete safety, free to communicate and share with you their observations of the day. Simply unforgettable moments.

3. What to do with a cargo bike

Rent a cargo bike at La Flotte, and you can simply leave your vehicle in the car park.

The interest of the compact cargo bike is ultimately relatively simple. It is a simple bicycle, which can be used as a car. Would you like to go shopping at the La Flotte market, or in the surrounding villages? You can park in all the bicycle parking lots, without difficulty. Of course, these bikes are specifically designed to carry heavy loads. You can therefore without any problem go to the supermarket for a large supply. Thanks to the front basket, and especially with the choice of the rear box, you can without any problem do without your car.

Then, you leave room for beach essentials during magnificent walks. Starting from La Flotte, it is indeed possible to enjoy all the most beautiful beaches of the Ile de Ré. As well towards the south coast of the island, between Sainte-Marie, Bois Plage and La Couarde, as the wild beaches of the North of the island of Ré, between The lighthouse of the Whales and the small village of Portes en Ré.

Our cargo bikes can carry two children from 1 year old. Either by installing one or two baby seats on the cargo, for children under 5 years old (or 22 kg), or directly on the rear seat consisting of two side bars and a seat cushion. Don’t limit your outings, the top-of-the-range electric assistance assists you in a totally transparent way: you pedal like on a classic bike, and you forget the rest!

4. How much does a cargo bike weigh?

Some three-wheel or twin-wheel cargo bikes can be significantly heavier than a conventional bike, the extended cargo bike, on the other hand, remains rather light.

Our cargo bikes are specially designed to optimize your pleasure. They are therefore light, and above all, are equipped with top-of-the-range electric assistance, which guarantees you up to 100 kilometers of autonomy. By renting a cargo bike from La Flotte, you can go from one end of the Ile de Ré to the other effortlessly.

The extremely low center of gravity of our bikes gives you a feeling of lightness, whether you are accompanied by your children or your partner. Whatever your size, our cargo bikes can be used by everyone. Getting started is so simple that you forget the very notion of a cargo bike. We summarize:

  • Large safe loading capacity
  • Transport of one or two children, or an adult
  • High-end electric assistance, high autonomy
  • Instant grip for those who know how to ride a bike

Do not hesitate any longer, during your holidays in La Flotte , offer your children a unique experience with our cargo bike rental !

5. Are our cargo bikes usable on all cycle paths?

A long tail cargo bike, which is more compact, is barely longer than a classic bike. No fear, you can go anywhere (and even more!)

If you choose to rent a cargo bike with a front box, some cycle paths will be difficult or even dangerous to take, especially when turning at right angles, or more generally when crossing tracks or roads.

Renting an extended cargo bike is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to do without their car during their vacation.

Indeed, the driver being away from the front wheel, he must engage the bike even before having checked that the way was clear. With an extended cargo bike (or long tail), you are like on a classic bike: you only get involved after checking that there is no danger.

In addition, be aware that freighters with a front body are almost unusable on remote paths. With our extended cargo bikes, no problem, you ride normally, on tracks, roads and paths, safely and effortlessly!

At le vélo van, all our cargo bikes are fully equipped and meet all safety criteria. They allow you to ride safely with two children or one adult behind you. So don’t hesitate any longer, for your cargo bike rental at La Flotte , choose the van bike !

6. In conclusion

Choose the cargo bike rental specialist at La Flotte, and receive your cargo bike without even moving from you!

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