Bosch e-bike battery

If you own a bosch e-bike system, it is very important for you follow customer instruction in order to optimize battery capacity. Battery life is mainly driven by how long you use your system, but also how you use it. You have to know that lithium-ion battery get older when they are not used.

Battery Life

That is why it is absolutly required to make a specific winterning if you plan not to use it for a long time.

Bosch Battery power pack

Limiting life factors

  • Ecessive use (load and unload made to fast)
  • Stroring at a temperature higher that 30°C
  • Storage loaded or unloaded at a temperature lower than 0°C
  • Stored at direct sun exposition (parking for exemple)

Improve battery life factors

  • Reasonnable usage
  • Storage at a temperature between 0°C and 20°C
  • Load between 30% and 60% of maximum load.
  • Parking far from direct sun exposure.

So even if some battery life factors a common sens, some are more difficult to optimize without any specific tools. That is why we propose to you a specific wintering package that will:


  • Make a complet diagnostic of your battery
  • Make a preparation for storing

In case of error, test result is directly sent to Bosch customer support.

Then we optimize Bosch battery in order to allow a long time storage that will minimize capacity loss.

Bosch e-bike battery wintering

Thus, we check with our specific bosch battery tool if you battery use is compliant with normal product life, which is function of:

  • Cycle quantity done since the purchase
  • Age of the battery

Storage status during winter

As soon as your battery is loaded compliantly with customer instruction, you just have to store it in a dry area between 0°C and 20°C. Our advice is to store the battery out bike connector, in order to protect connectors.

Back to standard use

To use agin your bosch battery, you just have to fully load it, as for standard use.

Our wintering package

As we just said, it is very important to load your battery at the correct level to prevent any damage. Optimal load rate is 63%. To do so, you can load load your battery until you get 2 or 3 dash on autonomy indicator.

However, in order to load you battery at the exact level required by the supplier, we propose to you the following package:


Get your battery back

  • We call you back to agree on an appointement
  • We come to your home to take the battery (because load / unload cycle time is more than 3 hours, it is not possible to make it live at your home).

Test and wintering

  • We make Bosch battery diagnostic and wintering
  • In case of error, we can contact bosch ebike customer service


  • We get your battery back to you
  • You now just have to store it in a dry place between 0°C and 20°C.
  • You now just have to load it again to use it.

Our price

Price for a complet bosch e-bike battery wintering and diagnostic is 29 € tax included

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